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The North Shore Culinary School's rigorous 50-week program is geared toward training individuals with hands-on instruction and will lead to certification. Graduates of our Culinary and Life Skills Program have gone onto rewarding careers in the Metro Vancouver and North Shore areas. With free job-placement assistance and work opportunities within our many programs, North Shore Culinary School graduates have an employment rate of over 80%. We follow up with each graduate to ensure their success and career are built on a solid foundation that is both unique and highly rewarding among cooking programs in the Province of British Columbia.

NSCS Discovery II offers students the experience of a real-world kitchen, and this experience acts as a bridge between their education and their career. We always appreciate support from the community, whether it is big or small. Please contact us to find out how you can help!


NSCS Discovery I is currently under construction. We aim to open NSCS Discovery I to the public in Summer 2013, at Mahon Park, pictured above. The location offers an outdoors seating area with an edible garden. We look forward to expanding our services.


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